【Flawed products】Contrasting Pullover Swim Top - Captain America Limited Edition

Special Captain America edition !
T-STUDIO This item is for swim top only !
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Material : Elastic Water repellent fabric

款式 : 束胸泳衣系列 套頭束胸泳衣 - 限量版
Type : Contrasting Pullover Swim Top - Captain America Limited Edition

顏色 : 美國隊長(藍灰紅)
Colour : Captain America(Blue , Gary , Red)

產地:台灣 Taiwan
Made in Taiwan

貼心提醒 : "不可"於泡溫泉時穿著
Cannot be used in hot springs

Do not dry, do not use bleach and softener ingredients, it is recommended to wash by hand and air-dry naturally
If you use a washing machine to wash, be sure to put it in a laundry bag.

Washing instructions :
Hand washing
Put the Swim Top in the water, soak it with soap for a few minutes, then rotate it in the water with your hands and gently rub the sports underwear.

Machine Wash
Put your Swim Top in a delicate bag (sometimes called lingerie bags) before putting them in with the wash.

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